Annual Report 2010/11
Inspire Our People

Legend Awards honouring our staff’s commitment to our Mission and Values

The Legend Awards, in honour of Sister Marcella Herlehy, recognizes and celebrates staff who consistently demonstrate extraordinary commitment to our Values of Human Dignity, Excellence, Compassion, Social Responsibility and Community of Service. In the nominations for these awards, staff recognized and praised their peers, mentors and colleagues. Award recipients demonstrated how they work to provide the best care to patients and in doing so Inspire Our People to achieve their best. Here are our 2010-2011 Legend Award winners and quotes taken from their nominations:

EXCELLENCE – Dr. Jerry Maniate, Department of Medicine – Haematology

“I was most fortunate to have Dr. Jerry Maniate agree to serve as my mentor…He challenged me to strive for excellence in my work as an educator and demonstrated this to me in his commitment to my ongoing learning.”

“Dr. Maniate has taken on a lead role as a facilitator for the interprofessional journal club, where employees, physicians and students meet to discuss the latest and greatest articles about team collaboration…Jerry plays an important role in asking thought-provoking questions that help the group to challenge their assumptions and look for opportunities to make real life improvements in how they work with their teams.”

EXCELLENCE – Karen Bruton, Secretary, Cardio-Respiratory Services

“Karen has met almost every one of my patients as they come to the cardiology clinic or for cardiology investigations. I am astounded by how many of them have commented to me on Karen’s kindness and courtesy as well as her ability to help and to make patients’ experience at St. Joseph’s as pleasant as possible…Patients feel like someone is advocating for them.”

“Karen is extremely warm and friendly, always kind and caring with patients, never says no – always says yes and gets things accomplished, and goes out of her way to facilitate smooth workflow in the lab.”

HUMAN DIGNITY – Michael Gowland, Social Worker, Mental Health Short Stay Unit

“Clinically, Mike is able to accomplish things with some of our patients that others have more difficulty accomplishing. His positive attitude disarms some of our patients who chronically experience disappointment and feel misunderstood…Because Mike’s attitude reflects the genuine positive regard that he has for others, patients sense that they can trust his intentions.”

COMMUNITY OF SERVICE – Dayalan Thevathasan, Catering Coordinator, Nutrition Services

“Dayalan is genuine and honest in his communication. He says what he means and means what he says. He frequently has to juggle competing requests, but always comes across in a calming and reassuring manner…I’ve seen Dayalan interact with many different people: physicians, front line staff, administration and external stakeholder groups. He treats everyone with the same kindness, consideration, and respect and is totally committed to ensuring that everyone has a great experience when working with him.”

COMPASSION – Antoinette Krakovsky, Occupational Therapist, Outpatient Rehabilitation

“Antoinette is a caring compassionate therapist who models the healing Ministry of Christ in all her interactions with patients, family members and staff…When recently seeing a homeless patient who had not eaten that day, Antoinette ensured she was given some food while in our department and did so with the utmost discretion. The patient remarked that she ‘felt like a human being again’. She sees beyond both the physical and mental challenges her patients face and provides them with the respect and dignity they so deserve.”

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Eleazar Evangelista, Alfredo Lachica, Ingrid Johnson and Rajlatchmi Ramdayal, Health Care Attendants, 6M

“Over the years this team has become like an unofficial silent partner or colleague helping to identify early signs of distress in patients that are rapidly deteriorating. It is not unusual to receive a quick word or brief and informal note from one of them about someone that appears to be in pain or discomfort.”

“I heard from the other side of the curtain a conversation between a patient in distress and a health care attendant… it became a deeply moving experience. The pain and fear of the patient and the calming, listening and reassurances of the health care attendant (was) so infinitely patient and caring. It was so transformative in my approach to patients and it has changed my attitude… I carry the example in my heart and it guides me to help sustain my efforts to be more present in an unconditional manner for my patients and to really care and listen from deep inside to their unspoken needs.”

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