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Our Lady of Mercy (inside)

Who is your Community Health Centre?

  • We are a Catholic community teaching hospital that provides patient centred and family-centred care reflecting our universal values of respect, dignity and compassion.
  • We provide care, close to home where our patients live in areas such as Emergency Care, Medicine, Family Birthing, Surgery, and Mental Health.
  • People who come to our Emergency Department are seen by a physician faster than most hospitals in Ontario when they arrive.
  • Our community has access to specialty surgery programs for cancer, hip and knee replacements and Bariatric, right where they live.
  • Our electronic patient record system gives patients and their families enhanced safety and overall experience of care.
  • Our Just for Kids walk-in clinic is staffed by peadatricians, 7 days a week including holidays, giving families access to complete clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic care within the hospital setting.
  • We have a wide range of outpatient clinics to help support our patients' continuum of care once they are discharged home, including our seniors clinic, fracture clinic, diabetes and paedatric clinics.
  • We also work closely with our partners in the community so our patients have the right level of support services they need to stay healthy when they leave our care.

Our People

We have a saying at St. Joe's: Many Faces, One Mission. This speaks to the diversity of the people that we serve and those who serve with us. Our health centre is a team of 2,500 employees, which includes over 900 nurses. We have 400 physicians with privileges to the Health Centre, and our patients and visitors are supported by 300 volunteers.

Who we Serve by the Numbers

Beds: 400
Admissions: 22,600
Average Length of Stay: 5.4 days
Occupancy Rate: 91.8%
Births: 3,250
Diagnostic Imaging Procedures: 172,000
Surgical and Procedural Cases: 26,700
Ambulatory care visits: 281,700

In the Emergency Room

Emergency Department Visits: 97,800
Patients Brought by Ambulance: 15,900
Percentage of Emergency Patients Admitted: 12.3%

2013-2014 statistics

Teaching and Lifelong Learning

St. Joseph’s continues to provide a rich interprofessional collaborative learning environment for thousands of health care students annually.

In 2013-2014, we provided 22,877 medical training days for our medical students, residents and specialty fellows, and 22,884 training days for students from nursing, rehabilitation sciences, respiratory therapy and laboratory medicine - just to name a few. In total we welcomed over 1,000 students to St. Joe’s this year.

We also approved $69,885.74 in support of our applications for the Education Assistance Grant, which assists staff in pursuing job or career related certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and/or graduate degrees, conferences and workshops.


Accreditation Canada is a national organization that sets standards for quality and safety in healthcare and accredits organizations in Canada and around the world based on how well they meet those standards. After a review of the health centre’s clinical and operational practices, Accreditation Canada announced that St. Joe’s met or exceeded 99.9% of national quality standards and all 30 Required Organizational Practices, earning it Exemplary Standing.

To learn more about our Accreditation standing click here. To read the final report from Accreditation Canada, click here.

We Are

  • The first modern Paediatric Department in Toronto under Catholic auspices
  • Home to the first Intensive Care Unit in Toronto
  • Founders of the first Research Foundation in Toronto
  • Originators of the first Respiratory Ambulatory Care Program in Toronto
  • Founders of the first Birthing Coach Program in Toronto
  • The first hospital in Ontario to grant in-hospital delivery services to midwives
  • The first hospital in Canada to implement routine Troponin blood tests for myocardial infarction
  • The first hospital in North America to have an image-guided system for sinus surgery
  • The first hospital in North America to use the Holium laser treatment for urological disorders
  • One of the first community teaching hospitals to open two MRI surgical suites
  • Home to the second Operating Room Pharmacy Satellite in Canada
  • One of the pioneers in the development of digital fluoroscopy
  • A leader in Electronic Data Interchange; the first hospital to use a non-proprietary EDI system for purchase orders and purchase order acknowledgement
  • A Ventilator Clinic designated by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • A reference centre for tumor marker measurements for the City of Toronto
  • Acknowledged for our international leadership in otolaryngology, functional and endoscopic sinus surgery and otopathology
  • Home to the largest combined medical and surgical chest unit in the Toronto area, which was accredited in 1993 by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a teaching unit for thoracic surgery residents
  • Recognized by Health Canada and the Child Health Network for best practices in our Toronto Centre for Substance Use in Pregnancy
  • One of the first hospitals in Toronto to offer family physicians remote access
  • One of the first hospitals in Toronto to integrate PACS filmless technology, providing a faster and more efficient way of storing and sharing images such as x-rays
  • A leader in offering laparoscopic abdominal and thoracic surgery
  • Home to the second-largest fracture clinic in Ontario
  • A referral centre for west-end Toronto in visual fields, orthoptic examinations and fluoroscein angiographic studies
  • A Regional Paediatric Centre for southwest Toronto
  • Designated as a Regional Dialysis Program by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
  • The first full-time ethics service established in Canada, in partnership with Providence Healthcare and St. Michael's Hospital.

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